qSuite at a Glance

  • Over 44 million documents processed to date

  • Utilizes open source ecosystem in a service-oriented architecture

  • Contains a significant library of IP and industry/process heuristics within the Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Mathematical Modeling, and Unstructured Data Handling domains.

  • Flexible platform; works with all industry data types

  • Complies with the most stringent enterprise security standards

  • Robust data handling, applications and services, and visualization.

  • Components available individually or as a package

  • Flexible hosting or license plans available

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qSuite by Mareana has four components, which can be licensed and/or hosted together, or used as individual modules.

qSuite by Mareana has four components, which can be licensed and/or hosted together, or used as individual modules.

qSuite Components

Qsuite 131x177_qfind.png


qFind by Mareana lets your team find internal data as easily as they do on the web, making previously inaccessible documents available for consumption and analytics through Google-like search. 

  • Reduces manual search effort by over 90%

  • Searches unstructured data sources such as PDFs, Excel, and Word files, as well as structured data sources like Oracle, SQLServer, and Sybase

  • Detects changes to documents as well as new and deleted documents, and reflects those changes in search results

  • Shows search results in a user-friendly, customizable presentation


Qsuite 131x177_qsync.png


qSync extracts, merges, and syndicates information from multiple sources into a standard, structured format, enabling the analysis of data that was previously locked in silos, like government websites, quality control reports, and legal contracts. With data orchestration and mixing using both statistical and heuristic data-deduplication and match-merging, Mareana customers have used qSync in many ways:

  • Consolidated terms and pricing data from years of contracts for a data conversion project

  • Vastly reduced the resources required for IDMP compliance in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Merged thousands of supplier, services, prices, and dates from PDFs or scanned contracts


Qsuite 131x177_qart.png


qArt locates, converts, and organizes information trapped inside art files, such as design documents, JPGs, or PNGs. By grouping, processing, and deduplicating images, Mareana customers have:

  • Extracted logo and “do not reuse" symbol from over 40,000 regulated label files in days.

  • Converted art data for an artwork management system implementation

  • Deconstructed images into constituent parts to optimize reusability

  • Created an inventory of all images being used across all artwork in an organization globally


Qsuite 131x177_qsci.png


In industrial operations environments, teams need to model large volumes of historical data using many different mathematical models. With qSci, teams can test many different models quickly and reach a decision in a fraction of the time.

  • Deep Learning Neural Networks

  • Predictive Models

  • Clustering

  • Segmentation

  • Natural Language Processing