Mareana: Proud Open Source Participant

Mareana has made a commitment to the open source stack with our qSuite platform. We believe the pace of innovation is fastest in the open source stack and we can maximize value for our customers by contributing and innovating on the open source stack. Recent research revealed that nearly 80% of enterprises use open source technology for at least some part of their technology stack.

Here's a good summary of the current research. 

We also believe in giving credit where it's due, and to the numerous people and their work on which the entire open source ecosystem thrives today. Below is the list of software and accompanying licenses that are used in qSuite by Mareana as well as other technology and service solutions we offer:

Apache Software Foundation under Apache License 2.0

  1. Ambari
  2. Avro
  3. Cassandra
  4. Chukwa
  5. Hadoop
  6. Hbase
  7. Hive
  8. Impala
  9. Mahout
  10. Oozie
  11. Pig
  12. Sqoop
  13. Solr
  14. Spark
  15. Yarn
  16. Zookeeper

Additional Open Source Technology: