Data Solutions for All Industries

No matter what industry your company is in, your big data challenges can be solved. From tackling unstructured data for hundreds of thousands of SKUs or contracts for a global medical devices leader, to supporting an artwork management company with millions of records, Mareana can help your company access data, no matter where it's hidden. 



Mareana created a seamless portal for a global medical device client's Customer Service team using qFind. Front-line CSRs were enabled to instantly answer complex inquiries, identify substitute products in case of stock-outs, and have competitor product data at their fingertips to drive sales.



Another Mareana client, a global Pharmaceutical giant, was mystified by a sizable number of product discards. By conducting a root cause analysis and using multiple mathematical models to analyze transaction data in qScience, the Mareana team helped this client save $30MM/year in reduced product discards.



Using qSync to digitize the SKU catalog, Mareana helped one client verify and consolidate price, volume, and commodity savings data from the global supply chain. In just one quarter this global CPG giant saved $15MM (5%) in direct material cost of goods sold.



A fragmented supply chain with in and outsourced distribution led to a lack of data standards and subsequent stock-outs. Within 8 weeks, Mareana's team, using qSuite, created a global inventory view, allowing the manufacturer to reduce inventories by 10%, while also improving service levels. 

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β€œThe big guys are slow and expensive, but not all little guys have the skills to deliver. Mareana is the right size for us.”
— Global Medical Devices Client