Industrial & Discreet Manufacturing

From chemical to industrial manufacturers, Mareana solves the toughest data challenges in business. We help some of the largest global companies drive revenue growth, speed project delivery, improve working capital, and streamline product development cycle time.


Protect Profits from Commodity Fluctuations (qSync)

Mareana’s qSync™ predicts the impact of price fluctuations, supplier changes, distribution rerouting and more – using multiple advanced predictive models. Through data visualization, supply chain professionals optimize production based on disparate input costs across their global portfolios and reduce risk by enhancing views of international supply chain costs.

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Reduce Inventory and Distribution Costs

In manufacturing, making trade-offs between availability and carrying costs are a part of life. As global supply chains become increasingly fragmented due to the use of both in-house and outsourced distribution, making these trade-offs is getting much harder. Ongoing stock-outs were a problem for one Mareana client, with no apparent cause. Within 8 weeks, Mareana's team, using qSync, identified and solved the stock-out problem: an inconsistent set of data standards was obscuring true inventory levels.

By creating a global inventory view, and consolidating data from the entire supply chain, the client’s procurement team was able to hunt down global variances by plant, commodity, or supplier, reducing inventories by 10% and dramatically reduced product stock-outs. 


Increase Sales with Product Recommendations

Every company wants to sell more to its existing customers with recommendation engines. But a complex industry like medical devices presents unique challenges to most off-the-shelf technology solutions due to the need to integrate many kinds of data sources—from design drawings to Medicare data. For one global medical devices manufacturer, the Mareana team used qFind to digitize thousands of SKUs from mixed-quality sources, then created a custom product recommendation engine. 

With a new easy-to-search portal that can now access previously hidden files, images, and data, this medical device manufacturer improved sales within one quarter. Sales and support teams are now equipped to suggest new products and prioritize sales opportunities for new customers based on prior successes. They can also easily identify substitutes during stock-outs, and instantly answer complex customer inquiries, including those requiring competitor product data.


Unstructured Data Migration for PLM (qFind)

Mareana assists companies with complex Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) data migration by expeditiously digitizing data from structured and unstructured sources such as bills of materials (BOM), regulated ingredient lists, regulated labels, engineering drawings, analytical test standards, and printed sales and marketing materials. Companies experience faster innovation time via improved product portfolio management, data governance, and product lifecycle costing.

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Expiry management is a challenge in all industries, but if you have shelf life limits to components as pharmaceutical companies do, the complexity and urgency escalate. With an increasingly complex supply chain, a global pharmaceutical giant was mystified by a sizable number of product discards, even with a mature procurement and planning process.

Mareana used qSci to analyze the problem and quantify the root causes. Machine learning and multiple simultaneous mathematical modeling revealed the key factors in materials and batches that drove component discards. After addressing factors like batch sizes, delivery windows, and lead times specific to each individual component and plant, this client has saved $30MM/year in reduced product discards.