Find. Organize. Analyze. Profit.

Unstructured data lurks in the most inaccessible crevices of every organization. Mareana can help you discover, structure, and analyze data, in any format, diving into the abyss to surface insight for you faster than any giant consulting firm. With our proprietary technology platform, qSuite, Mareana enables anyone in your company to search all of your data, even the data inside of images such as design documents. Once located and extracted, qSuite by Mareana can then help you solve the toughest data challenges, including merging your data with existing public data, or using multiple predictive models to determine your best option. And by plugging into your existing technology investments, Mareana can deliver a fast and low touch integration, with data visualizations that are as actionable as they are beautiful. 

Mareana can make finding insight from previously inaccessible data a repeatable part of your business process and culture, customized to your exact needs.

“Our biggest problem is that we can’t deploy [Mareana’s work] fast enough to meet the internal demand.”
— Fortune 500 IT Executive


Our experience in industries as diverse as manufacturing, life sciences, and consumer products can help you identify the problem to focus on, today. No matter what shape your data is in, let us help you take the plunge.