Data Management Solutions

Never say, “We don’t have the data” again. Mareana’s qSuite™ platform creates a unified view and searchable access points for data exploration, visualization, and analysis.


Unstructured Data Migration for PLM (qFind™)

Mareana assists companies with complex Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) data migration by expeditiously digitizing data from structured and unstructured sources such as bills of materials (BOM), regulated ingredient lists, regulated labels, engineering drawings, analytical test standards, and printed sales and marketing materials. Companies experience faster innovation time via improved product portfolio management, data governance, and product lifecycle costing.

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Improve Visibility of Regulatory Data (qFind™)

The increasing scope, complexity, and integration needs of global regulatory requirements (i.e., MDSAP) are placing new demands on regulatory leaders and organizations. Regulatory data has always been highly complex, and processes and systems are straining under these new demands. Yet the digital transformation occurring in other areas has been relatively slow to take hold in regulatory. Companies that are able to initiate and advance regulatory data digital strategies will enjoy significant advantages not only in compliance, but also in efficiency and growth.


Veeva Vault Document Migration (qSync™)

Mareana’s qSync™ automates metadata enrichment for all document types across multiple systems. Eliminating the need for manual, visual document inspection or data entry, qSync™ proposes a metadata taxonomy and enrichment values that subject matter experts or users verify and approve. qSync™ eliminates months of tedious manual data enrichment and can accelerate data document migration by up to 90%